About Us

SOONV ALLOY is located in Shanghai, China, and represents Chinese excellency in production and supply of super alloy industry as well as mechanical precision components for different industry fields.

As a technical-commercial manufacturer, SOONV ALLOY has grown to have now two forging manufacturing facilities & one casting assistant manufacturing facility completing also a management and control system dedicated to High Quality as proved by the achieved certificate ISO 9001:2008.

Thanks to the leading productive structure and the settled network of qualified sub-suppliers, SOONV ALLOY controls and optimizes the whole production process, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, in each production step, starting from procurement of raw material, to machining of components and details up to assembly and organization of transport and delivery.

Today SOONV ALLOY is well-known and recognized throughout the world, as a new star in supplying finish machined components as per customers’ drawings and specification in nickel-base alloy, iron-base alloy and cobalt-base alloy, both for small quantity and big projects as well as rough machined and raw parts.