• Inconel 718 Slip on Flange
  • inconel 625 valve body
  • Inconel 718 valve gate
  • Inconel 625 bonnet
  • Inconel 625 bolt
  • Inconel X-750 Spring

Nickel Base Alloy

Nickel-base alloys offer a high temperature strength and are extremely resistant to abrasion, high temperature, thermal shock and oxidation, and have high corrosion resistance against strong acid, oxidation-reduction composite medium, halogen & halogen compounds, strong reducing medium, hydrofluoric acid, alkaline medium, and oxidation-reduction medium with chloridion. The alloys are applicable to the manufacture, repair and protection of parts in the industries of petrochemical, chemical, environmental protection, aerospace, nuclear and etc. The main products involve a wide variety of nickel-base alloy welding sticks, nickel-base alloy power, nickel-base electric welding rods, nikel-base alloy precision castings and wrought alloys.